Shannon H.

 naples Studio

improving mental and physical health

My name is Shannon, and I have been a member at Orangetheory Fitness Naples, and now Naples Coastland Center for coming up on three years. I LOVE my workouts at Orangetheory; it’s an hour I get to test my body and mind; it’s an hour for myself and no one else. Last year at the age of 38 I was diagnosed with breast cancer; I count myself lucky that it was caught early. During that time, I continued my workouts at Orangetheory because I needed a place to clear my head, relieve some stress and to not solely focus on my cancer. Cancer was my new best friend; it consumed my whole world day in and day out. Still, not a day goes by that I do not think about it. While on my journey to kicking cancer's butt, I had the overwhelming support of my Coaches and the staff at Orangetheory Fitness Naples. 

"I credit Coach Lisa and Coach Marissa in helping me through a very trying time in my life."

They may not know it but their encouragement, the push and all out support from them was exactly what I needed when I came into the studio. Although I was tired from the radiation and was still healing from my surgery, I needed to be there for not only my physical health, but my mental health as well. I find clarity here, for an hour I can clear my head, think positive and focus on myself. I believe that the power of positivity is the reason today I get to call myself a survivor. Orangetheory Fitness asks, "What do you burn for?" Today I BURN to stay cancer free, I PUSH for those others battling, and go ALL OUT because I am a survivor!!